Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend Music Post

Will be away today and tomorrow, and was inspired by ER to go somewhere I rarely go. The Beatles. This is not only my favorite Beatles song, but I think it is the most beautiful love song of the rock era.

A close second - another George Harrison song, "Here Comes The Sun". Appropriate on the verge of an Obama blowout, I think. . .

And a bonus, Richie Havens did the best cover of this song. I wrote the above before I discovered the following video. Synchronicity does exist!

Sitting and watching the vid, with the faces of Americans of all kinds celebrating the possibilities presented by an Obama Presidency silenced for a moment my own hesitancy at his conventional politics. This isn't about him, ladies and gentlemen. This is about us. He might just make us almost as good as we can be.

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