Monday, September 08, 2008

Music Monday

In 1983, Yes released 90125, with a new sound, courtesy of a new guitarist. The back story was simple. Steve Howe quit, and drummer Alan White and bassist Christ Squire were looking for new players. They played briefly with Jimmy Page, and planned to record and tour, but there were various legal hassles. Squire had been given a tape of South African musician Trevor Rabin, however, and invited him around. It took a year and a half, a band name change, and the re-emergence of Jon Anderson (who had quit Yes in 1979), but the band was back.

Except a lot of Yes fans didn't like the change.

Well, Rabin was a very different style of guitarist from Howe. Howe, who has a prickly personality, didn't get on very well with Rabin during the "Union" tour. Yet, for all their differences, both are extremely gifted musicians. Here's an example of Rabin's early work, "Getting to Know You Better":

Here's Rabin doing his acoustic solo piece, "Solly's Beard":

In 1989, he released a solo album that did quite well. This is "Something o Hold On To" from Can't Look Away:

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