Friday, September 12, 2008

Hard Hitting, Viewer Discretion Advised

First, the ad. If you do not like visuals of brutal slaying of animals, don't watch.

I saw this at Sadly, No! and I have to agree that this is the kind of ad we need more of, not less.

This is no dig at hunters. This is no dig at hunting. See, I don't think of this as sportsman-like hunting, with a human being on the ground, doing his or her best in a blind, in a stand, or running a pack or herd. Flying along in an airplane and shooting an animal over and over again, then leaving it for carrion eaters, taking only a limb for a bounty isn't hunting. It's butchery.

Now, if only there were a 527 out there that would run an ad calling John McCain a desperate, lying panderer willing to sell his soul to the devil to win the Presidency, even though it is evident he has no idea what he will do once he occupies the Office.

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