Monday, July 07, 2008

Music Monday

First, thanks for the great suggestions last week. Second, Cameron is correct - "Summer of '69" was the first threatened video, so it won't appear here. On the other hand, a song the lyrics of which make absolutely no sense whatsoever (unless the title refers to a type of weed David Lee Roth was on when he wrote it), but that has a great hook, is Van Halen's "Panama":

Up next is one of the great party songs to emerge from the 1980's. I'm not really sure why, but "Love Shack" just keeps on going, doesn't it . . .

This next song takes me back to the summer of 1989. It was so appropriate for that time in my life, a point I shall not belabor. It is overproduced, taking a wonderful Bruce Hornsby piano change and making much more of it than should have been done, but that's Henley's thing. This is "The End of the Innocence":

I think I'll do summer songs from the 1990's next week. Requests? Suggestions? Complaints?

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