Monday, July 07, 2008

Heading Them Off

In what is sure to be a new right-wing tempest in a teapot, the AP story of a supply of Iraqi uranium being shipped to Canada has already become "proof" for the right that, five years after the initial invasion, and as many years (if not more) that it was known conclusively by both the international community and American intelligence that Iraq did not have any weapons of mass destruction or a program for building any, that in fact they did.

As Open Left calls their survey of the right-wing blogosphere's reaction to this particular bit of news, this is a case-study in how the right-wing takes information and makes of it what it can and/or will in order to show they were right all along. To be honest, I did not know such a cache of uranium existed; to be further honest, I doubt most of the those now screaming that Bush is somehow redeemed knew it either. Yet, it seems the US military knew about it, considering it was guarding it. If the military knew about it, surely their civilian commanders knew about it. If their civilian commanders knew of it, then it is quite probable the President knew of it, or should have. Only mendacity will propel either the President or Vice-President to point to it now and say, "See? See? We were right all along!"

So before our local, small-time versions of RedState and whatnot start pointing to this story as some kind of proof that Bush didn't lie all along, and in fact it was us wimpy liberals who lied about the lying, all I can say is . . .


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