Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

I should have known better. I followed a link at Parklife's blog to read this post at Mark's, and after reading through comments, I decided to post this comment:
This is an interesting conversation, to say the least. On the one hand, you have Dan, and bb-idaho, explaining how science works, with bb-idaho giving an excellent example of actual science (to which Mark has yet to respond), and you have Mark, repeating "Global Warming Is A Myth" without a beat, without any consideration at all of what has been said here.

I do love your "God won't let people destroy the planet" argument. When you are driving, do you take your hands off the steering wheel and say, "God won't allow me to plow in to the van filled with kids that's approaching me?" In essence, the argument you are making is the same.

We human beings have been given care of creation, we are the stewards, whose responsibility it is to make sure the planet, and those creatures that live on it, thrive. Hoping for some deus ex machina to pull our collective chestnuts out of the fire isn't faith, but wishful thinking. Declaring global warming a "myth" with no understanding of what you are talking about isn't an argument, but an assertion.

It's Christians like you that almost make me want to become Buddhist.

Well, OK, maybe the last line wasn't very nice. Here, however, is Mark's reply:
Geoffrey Kruse-Safford says, "It's Christians like you that almost make me want to become Buddhist."

Well, Mr. Kruse-Safford, (What is it with the hyphenated name anyway? Are being pretentious or do you have two daddies or two mommies and can't decide which of their last names to use?)judging from your new age humanist brand of Christianity, which bears little resemblance to true Biblical Christianity in the first place, I'd say your theology more closely resembles that of Buddhism than Christianity anyway.

Geoffrey, (What's with the European spelling of your name, Jeff? Are you trying to appear to be a politically correct Globalist?)you are a phony pretentious elitist snob and your comments are only permitted here to show clear thinking people how ludicrous you silly Libs are.

I just wrote a reply to this, but as Mark's blog has comment-approval activated, it isn't up yet, if it will be, so I will summarize what I wrote in response:
- My parents, Daniel and Virginia Safford, will celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary this coming March 31st.

- The spelling of my first name isn't "European", it's English. I am named after Geoffrey Chaucer, the Renaissance British poet and diplomat. My middle name is also spelled in the British way, Stephen. I am so named, and my names are so spelled, because my union-loving, liberal/socialist/pacifist parents are both really smart, well-educated, and see no reason why we should pretend to be dumb because people like Mark are.

- On May 7, 1993, there were two people, Geoffrey Stephen Safford and Lisa Anne Kruse. On May 8, at 1:30 in the afternoon, we became a new reality, a married couple. The individuals we had been no longer existed. We symbolized this by legally adopting a hyphenated last name. Our children's names, by the way (just to confuse people) is "Safford".

I am wondering who is ludicrous here. I am also wondering why I went to Mark's blog, posted there, and expected anything different.

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