Saturday, December 22, 2007

No Man Is Alone Who Truly Has Friends

To say I am overwhelmed by the response to my request for help yesterday would be an understatement. Faced with the discomforting reality that emergencies can create a temporary (very temporary, one hopes) bind, we now can make it for the four days until I get paid.

This is a real George Bailey moment. It isn't that I was considering suicide (please; even if it was eight grand I was faced with losing, I wouldn't toss myself off a bridge because of filthy lucre); it is that both of us felt at our wits end - and perfect strangers came through and helped. You are all proof that there is goodness, kindness, trust, and hope in the world, and on behalf of Lisa and myself, thank you and God bless you.

In the spirit of openness and accountability that I think is necessary whenever money is involved, the gifts totaled $175.00. In keeping with my pledge, $17.50 will be given to PGUMC and its ministries. Another seventeen-fifty will go to Medicins Sans Frontiers (that's Doctor's Without Borders to those among you not familiar with the language of snail-eaters).

Again, many thanks. I am now a debtor to all of you, and fear I may never know how to repay this debt I owe. As long as it doesn't involve listening to Toby Keith, I'm yours.

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