Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday Rock Show - Two For the Holidays

You know, Crooks and Liars stole my idea for the first of my two Christmas Rock music posts. Damn John Amato and his ties to the record industry! Well, I'm using a different version (I've not seen the new Battlestar Galactica, and I'm not sure of the relevance here, anyway). The Call's "Let The Day Begin" would be either a prelude, postlude, or anthem for a rock service if I were to do one. "Here's to the closing of the age . . ."

I used to get all choked up over the line "Here's to the soldiers from the forgotten war/Here's to the wall that bears their name". Having stood several times before the Vietnam War Memorial, and watched grown men weep as they traced the name of a fallen friend, comrade, or relative, you can't help but weep. Someday, I hope, our current crop of vets will have the chance.

I think it was 1983, although it might have been 1984, Yes lead singer Jon Anderson released a solo Christmas album. Still having the last dregs of cachet as lead singer of Yes, he hosted a Christmas Party on the original MTV network. The video is pretty cheesy, I know, but I like the song. This is another case of me having been really stupid as a youth, by the way. This album, as far as I know, was another never converted to compact disc. I never purchased the LP, although it was readily available for a long time. Ah, well. This is "I Saw Three Ships".

My guess is that posting will be spotty over the ensuing days, and obviously non-existent on Tuesday. If you are taking a break from the craziness of the internet, which is understandable, then Merry Christmas, all of the blessings and hope of the season, and may you not get indigestion from too much candy, turkey/goose/ham, and please have patience with your relatives because they are having patience with you.

I have never said this, and I might not again for a while. Truth is - I love and appreciate all of you. Having even one reader is a blessing; having all the visitors I do - it is overwhelming.

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