Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Faith That Should Convict Us All

ER has managed to do it again, in a good way. He posts on a passage from Phillip Yancey, and in so doing, has managed, as I wrote in comments to both convict and encourage me. I do not want to steal his thunder, so I shall insist you click the link and read the passage he has pulled out for our consideration.

Recently, I confessed to my wife that I am going through a spiritual struggle. We talked about it. Reading this piece, though, I think my "spiritual struggle" is a bunch of self-regarding bushwah. Only someone reared in a society as obsessed with "success" and as well-off as I am could possibly believe that my complaints were legitimate. Rather, they were the whines of one of the privileged who feels his entitlement has not been fulfilled. I am in full repentance mode right now.

At the same time, I am encouraged by this piece, because the kind of simplicity and courage on display here is "evidence of things not seen". There are true Christians in the world, and they aren't syndicated columnists or media moguls or even former politicians who parade their faith for all the world to see. This woman's life is a judgment not just upon my own selfishness, but upon all those who demand to have their faith taken seriously, rather than just living it out.

As we move towards Thanksgiving, perhaps we should give thanks for this woman whose faith in the midst of a horrible, disfiguring disease has served a reminder to all of us who are far too self-centered to imagine crawling on elbows and knees across the ground in order to sing "Jesus Love Me" to someone.

May the angels wing her safely home.

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