Monday, April 09, 2007

Helping by Not Helping

Apparently, this went under a whole lot of radar. With Bill Kristol leading a charge of right-wingers complaining that the British wimped out in their diplomatic success in getting their military personnel released from Iranian custody, Think Progress has this little tidbit in their highlight from FOXNews Sunday's discussion with Kristol and Juan Williams:
The [Manchester] Guardian reported this weekend that, “The US offered to take military action on behalf of the 15 British sailors and marines held by Iran, including buzzing Iranian Revolutionary Guard positions with warplanes.” The article added, “The British declined the offer and said the US could calm the situation by staying out of it.”(emphasis added)

So, we offered to "help" by creating a situation which most likely would have led to the deaths of the hostages we were supposed to be helping . . .

How abysmally stupid do you have to be to think that a military strike such as this would be constructive? Or is it not so much stupid as it is bloodthirsty? Or war-mongering? Or war-criminally liable? Seriously, I think the Hague needs to start looking into these jokers that are nothing short of a clear and present danger to the well being of the entire planet.

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