Thursday, August 16, 2012


It is a theme of this blog that words mean things.  What we say, how we say it - these aren't just quibbles over syntax and grammar but important, as in life-important, matters.

I have learned that "infectious" means something.  Living with a person who has mononucleosis doesn't necessarily mean everyone in the household is going to catch it, too.  However, if you read even the WebMD articles on mono, you discover it is spread through the exchange of bodily fluids.  That's something that husbands and wives do.

While not an official diagnosis - I haven't been to a doctor, but Lisa went last week after a couple weeks of feeling "off" - I'm experiencing the same things Lisa did.  Interestingly, neither hers nor mine in accompanied by "sore throat"; Lisa's doctor told her she's seen several cases without the "classic symptoms" of mono.  The blood test, however, was positive.

One of the overarching effects of mono is lassitude.  That's a fancy way of saying I have all the energy of a slug on downers.  Not just physical, but mental as well.  My brain feels sludgy right now, to be honest; collecting thoughts and expressing them seem immensely difficult.  Since I have obligations later in the day, I believe "saving energy" is the order of the day.  As much as I'd like to write a blog post about the defense budget and Presidential politics, I can't even summon the energy to care.

Rest, plenty of fluids, occasional ibu for symptoms such as mild fever and body aches.  That's what Lisa was prescribed, and I'm planning on following those orders.  As my cousin says, TTFN!

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