Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Anger Management

On Sunday, 51-year-old David Conrad opened fire on a mosque in the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove.  True, it was an air rifle, not a semi-automatic or automatic rifle.  True, he only damaged the building.  According to the Chicago Tribune, Conrad's bail was set at $45,000 and he was ordered to take anger management classes.

Anger management.

One week after a Sikh Temple in nearby Oak Creek, WI; after a Memphis mosque was torched a second time, having almost finished a rebuild after a first arson attack; there was a bottle thrown at a Muslim school in another Chicago suburb, Lombard.

Anger management.

Mr. Conrad doesn't need anger management.  The people responsible for a second arson attack on a Muslim place of worship don't need anger management.  Wade Michael Page didn't need anger management.

The victims need anger management.  Those who look on in disgust and sorrow at how some of us treat our fellow Americans for the crime of being different need anger management.  Those who are tired of the excuses and the defense of the indefensible need anger management.  At what point do the accumulating incidents, the dead bodies sometimes in ones and twos, but like last Sunday in one huge outburst, bring about that "Aha!" moment that maybe, just maybe, we need to do something more than provide anger management classes to the people who commit these hate crimes.

Anger management.


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