Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When the Days Get Shorter And The Nights Get Long

For some reason, hearing British bands puts me in mind of autumn. Not all British bands. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones don't do it for me. The Who, very English, don't. Traffic is more a summer-music band. I try not to think of Led Zeppelin too much at all, any season.

Pink Floyd, though? Man, I hear "Time" or "Dogs" or "Welcome to the Machine", and I can picture myself on some narrow country lane, the spire of a country parish just a couple miles off, the cool, damp English breeze scuttering clouds across the sky.

Another quintessentially British artist that makes me wax autumnal is Kate Bush. Her The Sensual World, which featured David Gilmour on a couple tracks, is among my favorite late-80's albums. She just has that Englishness about her that makes me think fondly of naked trees against a cloudy sky, a crisp wind billowing leaves about.

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