Friday, September 16, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 3

I guess I really don't know those strato-cumulo-nimbal things at all. Clouds? Sure.

I was thinking yesterday afternoon I should go out and snap a photo or two of the beautiful little white puffy things floating in an otherwise clear blue sky. I awoke this morning and the sky is . . . overcast.

On the one hand, it does make it easier to take a picture of clouds. All I have to do is point the camera up and click.

Hazarding a guess, this isn't exactly what the folks who designed this had in mind. Or, maybe it is. I went back and cropped a picture I took last weekend from the balcony of my hotel room over looking the Chemung River Valley, to highlight a couple small clouds on the southwestern horizon.

I'm a lousy cloud-picture-taker because when I look at clouds I see . . . water vapor in the sky. I don't see shapes. I don't think poetic thoughts. I don't have whimsical notions. Clouds are just clouds. So, these photos, especially the final dim one, are kind of fitting. As much as I'd like the photos to be something more, they are, in the end, just clouds.

Lisa's clouds are more diverse, tinkered with, and yet . . . condensed water vapor. I'm so boring.

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