Friday, June 24, 2011

Not Here For An Argument

I saw the link to this article this past Sunday, but with a crazy week, it has only been right now I've turned my attention to it. In sum, just read it, because it says everything I have tried to say on the subject, only better. It pretty much reflects where I stand on the whole issue of "argument". Rather than convince anyone of anything, I just state what I believe to be the case, with whatever facts I can dredge up along the way that convict me of my views. You can take it or leave it, but by and large I really don't care.

The whole goal is to present an alternative way of viewing the world, and consequently of living in it. You don't like it? Well, it's no skin off my nose, and the door is always open if you change your mind. Don't believe for one moment that the stuff you say to me is going to alter my own course, however. Not being interested in argument includes not being interested in the arguments of others. Since it isn't about being right, but living for others; since it isn't about me in any manner, fashion, or form, but about God and neighbor, that is where my heart lies, and that is the goal.

We all have a lot of work to do to make the world more livable. Rather than figure out who's right and who's wrong, I am far more interested in finding ways of doing that, and presenting them as possibilities. Anyone who wishes to join along, the more the merrier. I have no interest any more in using labels - conservative, liberal, fundamentalist, what-have-you. I am far more interested in seeking ways all of us, together, can get together and work together to get out of the hole in to which we have dug ourselves. Standing around arguing over whose fault it is we are in this particular hole, listening to those who insist if we only keep digging we'll get out of it, choosing sides, calling names - those are all games. I'm not interested in games.

God loves this world, and we are to reflect that love in our life and work in this world. For other people. For the planet God has given us for safekeeping, and which we are trashing at a horrendous rate. If you believe those things, and really don't care about being right or wrong, moral or immoral, just serving God and loving others, this is the place to be.

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