Thursday, February 03, 2011

I Was Snowed And I Missed It

It isn't just Egypt that has me in near-obsession mode. We had a bit of a BLIZZARD and so I've been busy, being the only semi-adult in the house until later tonight. So, I was really busy and I kind of missed my new attempt to do the whole music thingy. It did give me a chance to buy some new music - the second Budos Band release among my new favorites. So, without anything like ado, a doo, or adieu, batteries to power, turbines to speed . . .

Going for the One - Yes (Live)
All Along the Watchtower - Bob Dylan (Live)
Hollow Years - Dream Theater
Festive Suite in A - Telemann
The Talking Drum - King Crimson (Live)
Sysyphus Part I - Pink Floyd
Lost Sailor - Grateful Dead (Live, Go To Nassau)
Blue and Evil - Joe Bonamassa
Adeniji - Budos Band
Maggie M'gill - The Doors

Along with the Budos Band and some other stuff, I got this song. I know it isn't cool, but it should be obvious from the past few weeks I don't really care all that much about being cool . . .

Virtual Tin Cup

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