Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Last night I heard something I have never heard before. I have heard the wind howl plenty of times. Last night, the wind was roaring. It was vicious, without mercy or thought. As I drifted off to sleep I was more than slightly afraid concerning the very large, very old trees that surround our house in the face of all that wind and snow.

This morning I awoke to 18" of fresh snow, with drifts two and even three feet deep in places. Our little cul-de-sac has yet to be plowed. Without a snowblower, digging out the driveway has proved to be exhausting. My kids already have tomorrow off from school.

To top it off, my wife is in Orlando, Florida for a conference. In fact, she had to extend her stay an extra day because of the storm. It's eighty degrees there. She keeps telling me that. She's walking around in her shirt sleeves. Not a cloud in the sky.

She insist she feels guilty.

Would you?

Actually, I don't mind the whole blizzard thing. After all, how many does a person experience in this life? This is the first time in 15 years for me. The kids enjoyed their little romp in the snow, and with two days off school, well . . . let's just say they're very happy.

We have electricity, heat, food, coffee - all the essentials.

Except a snowblower.

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