Friday, December 17, 2010

What Is And Isn't Rock And Roll

Apparently, the fact that I do not believe Neil Diamond belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (in fact, I don't believe such an institution should exist, but that's another matter) means I do not like Neil Diamond. I thought it was clear that I think he is what he is - a song-writer who sings those songs.

So, here goes, music lesson number one. Neil Diamond, a nice pop song writer, performing his own song, "Forever In Blue Jeans"

Here's my favorite Bruce Springsteen song, which he wrote and recorded for Born to Run. While it seems complex because of the arrangement, it is a simple rock and roll song, with that "shave and a haircut" rhythm, makes you want to get up and dance, it's about a girl, it's about sex, it's a song to be played loud while you drive down a highway with the top down.

I also said that Tom Waits, a performer I dearly love, doesn't belong in the HoF, either. There must be more Neil Diamond fans out there than Tom Waits fans . . .

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