Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Not Me, But Christ In Me

This phrase of St. Paul's, by which he made his readers understand that any success he had as a missionary was due not to any alleged gifts, talents, or good deeds of his but rather to the presence of the Spirit of Christ alive in him has become a kind of template for understanding how we as Christians are to perceive ourselves and be perceived by others. In that Spirit, then, with a generous h/t to The Church of Jesus Christ, let us, first, visit a site called Tea Party Jesus.

Surprise, surprise, the words of Christians in the mouth of Jesus aren't safe for work!

And what would our contemporary American Jesus be if he wasn't hating on fags?

Get the flavor? For what it's worth, I like the site. It's a nice little judgment upon all of us, I guess.

Now, can we do this with some folks a little closer to home? I think so . . .

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