Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Darwin's Law Passes In Virginia

So, McDonnell signed a bill in to law in the Commonwealth of Virginia allowing people to take loaded, concealed guns in bard. Back in the 90's, right after George Allen was elected governor, the legislature tried this and failed (it was part of an omnibus "gun rights" bill that would have also permitted loaded concealed weapons in Commonwealth courtrooms; the State Police opposed this provision and so the bill died). Tennessee, it seems, is about to traverse the same dark and bloody road.

Apparently, neither supporters nor opponents of this bill understand what is really behind all this. The Republicans and the NRA actually want to thin out their numbers, and this seems an expedient way to do it. After all, what better way to see Darwin's Theory in action than a bar full of drunk guys packing?

I have no beef, really, with an individual's right to carry a weapon. But specifically permitting individuals to carry a concealed weapon in to a bar - and, of course, these folks won't be drinking because they're law-abiding gun owners! - is a recipe for keeping coroners, the police, and funeral directors busy at the beginning of every week. My brother, who fancies himself a libertarian, tried to argue with me on this one back in the day, and I told him, knowing some of the folks who frequent various watering holes, nothing more deadly than plastic sporks should be allowed in their hands at any given time; in bars, even straws should be considered lethal weapons, and kept away from them after the third or fourth round.

In all seriousness for a moment, I have to wonder what these people are thinking. Were I a resident of the Commonwealth who worked in a bar, I would have already quit my job unless I was given a raise so I could buy body armor.

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