Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Mistake

I wanted to see if George Will was man enough to admit that his much-discussed column on global warming - in which he made stuff up, and attributed to scientific data information that simply wasn't true - was one big heap of crap. And the first sentence of today's column seemed on the verge of showing that he is a bigger man than I thought.
A simple apology would have sufficed.

Alas, however, it is not to be. Rather than own up to the reality that he is a peddler of falsehoods, myths, nonsense, treacle, and bovine excrement (I wonder if Princeton would yank his Ph.D. if they could?), he merely demonstrates his continued support of the fertilizer industry with a column on Russ Feingold's proposed addition to the 17th Amendment.

With the whole Blagojevich/Burris mess here in Illinois, Feingold is proposing an addition to the Constitutional amendment providing for direct election of US Senators. Will seems to think that any "tampering" with the Constitutional order should not be allowed because it upsets some mythical balance that he believes existed in some pure state before we started deciding to fiddle with it. He even mentions John Calhoun, Daniel Webster, and Henry Clay - three long-time members of the Senate from the 19th century - as if their example (avoiding the central issue of savery for so long we ended up with a Civil War) was something to emulate.

Will is a liar, unethical, a purveyor of untruths, and deserves nothing less than to have his by-line and column removed from the op-ed pages and that space seeded with salt to prevent such a one to sprout again. Alas, I doubt this will happen.

I have the decency to admit I was wrong. Unlike George F. Will.

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