Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hometown News

This story from my hometown newspaper is good news.
WAVERLY — Those visiting the Village of Waverly’s cemeteries now have a more pleasant environment to visit their loved ones thanks to the tireless efforts of the Friends of Waverly Cemetery Preservation Inc. and its associated volunteers.

Since my childhood, one of my favorite places to go has been the Glenwood Cemetery, in the northwest corner of the Village, hard up against the Waverly Glen Village Park. With a stately, slightly scary mausoleum in front, it runs up the slope of one of the hills behind the town. There's an old marker that has a serious error on the date (I've always remembered this), having a man born in the 1830's dying in 1962. With large, old trees, it's cool in the summer. An old brass cannon sits in the middle, the end at least no longer filled with trash.

I realize it might sound odd to hear that a favorite spot to go would be a cemetery, yet Glenwood is a beautiful place, quiet, peaceful, full of the chatter of birds and squirrels in the summer. That it, along with the other Village cemeteries are now tended by a tax-exempt volunteer organization is good news. The loved-ones of those interred can now know that they will be even more peaceful, beautiful places to visit and remember.

Many thanks from a former Village resident to Ron Keene and his organization. Expect a check soon.

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