Friday, February 13, 2009

Evil? Yes. Stupid? Definitely. David Vitter Gives The GOP Strategy Away

I ran into this piece from Mother Jones courtesy of Hullabaloo, and all I can say is, "Sure, Dave, we'll take full responsibility for the stimulus package. You disown it all you want."
According to Vitter, the GOP is basically betting the farm that the stimulus package is going to fail, and the party wants Democrats to go down with it. "Our next goal is to make President Obama and liberal Democrats in Congress own it completely," he said. Instead of coming up with serious measures to save the economy, the party intends to devote its time to an "we told you so" agenda that will include GOP-only hearings on the bill's impact in the coming months to highlight the bill's purportedly wasteful elements and shortcomings.

This is why they do not deserve to govern.

I hope this really is the Republican plan. Because, in a few years, they will cease to exist.

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