Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not A Good Response To Stimulus

TPMCDC is reporting that the House has removed a provision from the economic stimulus package to support state public health spending. It has been characterized by John Boehner and other Republicans as a provision to help "contraception", when in fact it is a benefit for states, most of which have constitutional requirements not to run deficits. In other words, it was simply a way to prevent states from having to increase taxes or slash services to those most in need of public health outreach services.

While I won't go as far as Brad at Sadly, No! and insist that it is time to stop reaching out to Republicans (I still believe there is a deeper game involved here), and even the piece at TPMDC indicates that Obama may return to increasing Medicaid support in another legislative context, I think the time to give to Republicans ended over the weekend when it became quite clear that they had no interest in dealing in anything like good faith.

Leave the bill alone now, let the committees and Houses of Congress do their jobs, and let's move on.

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