Monday, January 26, 2009

Music For Your Monday

I recently had a discussion with someone about "One Hit Wonders" from the 80's, the decade when music really wasn't much of anything, except for a few bright spots like U2, Peter Gabriel, R.E.M., and Husker Du. I have to admit though, in fits of nostalgia for my wasted youth, especially my college years, there are a few that leap out at me, even now, if for no other reason than, for a moment, they had everyone listening.

First up was a band that everyone thought was going to be the Next Big Thing, and disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Kajagoogoo (I just love that name!) released "Too Shy", and then, well . . . who knows what happened to them.

A-HA had a huge hit with "Take On Me". This is the original version of the song and video, vastly different from the one overplayed on MTV at the time.

I'm really not sure where they came from, am glad they left, but for a few moments in the summer of 1985, "Obsession" was everywhere.

Of all the things for which we should give abundant thanks, the disappearance of that hair is among the biggest (pun definitely intended).

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