Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Last Word On This Subject

Revising and extending. . .

I'm quite tired of the abortion debate. The country has reached a consensus of sorts. We are a pro-choice nation, with restrictions. De facto restrictions exist in most rural areas, where abortion providers are non-existent (I think North Dakota has one ob-gyn who performs them, but he comes in from Minnesota; that's one for all of North Dakota). Yet, for some, that just isn't enough. For some, all of our politics, all of their religion, boils down to the holy fetus. It is their idol.

If, as some so believe, abortion is state-sanctioned mass murder; if, as some believe, being pro-choice is supporting a holocaust of millions of murdered children; if, as some believe, my pro-choice position is akin to Stalinism and Nazism; if all this is true for them, my challenge is this - don't sit around and whine. Grow a pair and do something about it. Bomb an abortion clinic. Shoot an abortion doctor. Kidnap a young woman entering a woman's clinic to protect the life of her fetus.

After all, if it is some transcendent moral evil to allow abortion; if abortion is a Holocaust, sitting around and calling liberals names isn't enough. Our politics has obviously failed to protect the holy fetus. Do what is necessary to stop the slaughter. Man up, do what is necessary to stop this evil in our time.

Or, shut the fuck up.

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