Thursday, December 04, 2008

There Is No Christian Persecution In America

I will probably eat those words at some point, because I've already taken someone else to task for making a blatantly false generalization that was easily disproved. Yet, for the nonce, I stand by it, because, compared to, say, Saudi Arabia, where Christianity is illegal; Indonesia, where Christians are targets for hate-crimes; India, Pakistan ditto; and China, where owning a Bible is actually a crime against the state, I do think that whatever indignities Christians may endure here in America are pretty paltry things.

Yet, Mike Huckabee is out there saying that there is some kind of moral equivalence between a church service being disrupted and people being legally discriminated against; that having a cross ripped out of someone's hands is the same as having the shit kicked out of you and being left on the side of the road to die because you hit on someone.

I would add, for the record, that every time some right-wing Christian whines about "persecution", real (abroad) or imagined (here in the US), I want to remind them to read the frigging Bible, where we are told (a) to pray for those being persecuted; (b) to pray for and to love those who persecute us and hate us and kill us because of our faith; (c) to rejoice in our persecutions, because that is a sign we are actually doing something right; (d) to remember that no amount of suffering we face matters all that much because of the extravagant gift of life granted through Jesus Christ.

In other words, Mike - shut the hell up and pray and be thankful. At least they aren't dragging you behind a truck.

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