Monday, December 01, 2008

Movie Monday

I'm switching gears for today. After posting a clip from Pulp Fiction yesterday, I decided to find three more clips from the film. Not so much a moment of Zen, think of it more like a moment of clarity, as Jules says at the end of the movie. Please note, strong language throughout.

First, Vincent and Jules discuss the relative merits of a foot massage, especially as Vincent has to take Marsellus Wallace' wife out on the town that night. . .

Here, Bruce Willis' character, the boxer Butch, learns the hard facts of life from Marsellus. Or perhaps, at things turn out, Marsellus learns some hard facts of life from Butch. Such as the fact that some people just can't be bought.

Finally, the end of the film, in which Tim Roth gets lucky that Sam Jackson's character Jules is in a transitional period. Even more, we learn here that conversion means different things to different people. Sad to say this does not include the banter between Jules and Vincent where we learn that Jules wouldn't eat rat even if it tasted like pumpkin pie. Ah, well. Far more important is the hermeneutic Jules applies to his favorite Bible verse in Ezekiel. One could do worse than Jules in thinking through what the Bible means.

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