Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Rock Show

Cheesy (without any pun intended)? Definitely! Dated? Absolutely, at least visually. At the remove of two decades it is difficult to remember that, at the time this video was released (1984-1985), Ratt was one of the biggest rock bands out there. On the tour from which this video clip came their opening act was . . . Bon Jovi! Steve Pearcy, the lead singer, argued that they weren't some niche band, but should be rated with Led Zepelin, and there was abundant evidence to back that up, at least in terms of popularity.

I always liked their lead guitarist, Warren DeMartini. Sadly, their other guitarist (I think his name was Robin Crosby) ended up dying homeless on the street from complications due to AIDS from needle sharing; addicted to heroin, he ended up as far from the strutting, thrusting rock guitarist vamping in front of thousands of fans as could be.

I consider this the rock equivalent of a Snickers bar, say, or a package of Necco wafers. Good for a moment of fun, but certainly not nutritious (although the banner that flashes on the the screen for a moment, put up by some young women in the balcony, that reads "Eat me I'm cheese" has always been dear to my heart).

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