Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Rock Show

In the early 1980's, Jefferson Starship transformed itself from a blues-folk band to an AOR-radio-friendly band, with the lead guitar of Craig Chaquico leading the way (part of this transformation was helped by the departure of original lead singer Marty Balin, whose multiple resentments against the rest of the band reached the breaking point). While Paul Kantner and old Bay Area folky David Freiberg (who played bass in this iteration of the band) produced some great songs, the arrangements were very much geared toward radio play at a time when radio formats were hardening and record companies were becoming skittish about investing in innovation. The Album Future Times marked the "introduction" (as seen in the inner gatefold) of backup singer Grace Slick. Slick had left the band to recover from debilitating alcohol abuse, having had an infamous meltdown at a concert in Germany. While hardly among the great albums or songs of the rock era, there is something solid and reassuring about a very simple melody, a steady beat, and nice, loud guitars. "Find Your Way Back" is a nice song. Two further points. First, Chaquico has transformed himself once again since leaving Starship, being now a New Age acoustic guitarist. Second, I have always dug Grace Slick.

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