Monday, October 06, 2008

Music Monday

The topic today - sex! Right up front, in your face, no beating around the bush, innuendo, or double-entendre. For example, "Slide It In"

Or perhaps, if you aren't catching the drift, "Smooth Up In Ya":

The classic rock song about sex is Foghat's "Slow Ride", an entire song dedicated to mimicking the timing of sexual intercourse. It's only eight minutes, though . . . Well, I found a live version that's a little longer! I suppose that's good for someone . . .

It may be objected that I'm missing out by not providing some old "blue" blues, which were far more clever at hiding their intention behind metaphor. Since I was more interested in blatant songs, this is the route I took. Now, I am quite sure I missed some, so I might be interested in hearing from you about what songs you might want to hear in this vein.

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