Monday, September 29, 2008

An Odd Political Calculus On A Truly Epic Fail

The bailout bill tanked, as did Wall St. While the former is good, the latter is not so good, although hardly surprising. While it is good it went down to defeat, we have the House Republicans to thank for that. Yet, they are whining it is all Nancy Pelosi's fault. Because of a truly unremarkable speech she gave. So, not one shiny thin dime is going to the investment banks. Good. The House Republicans are the heroes. Not so good. They refuse to take responsibility for that failure, and blame the Speaker of the House, who doesn't have any control over their caucus. Whiny-ass Titty Babies.

Untangling the political mess will make crafting a bill that is actually good look easy by comparison. The only really good thing about this is that, as I said, the bill went down. I doubt, with the time left, another can be drafted that will survive. I think Boehner and his buddies poisoned the well with the blame game they played after the vote.

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