Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Get Email

As is my usual routine, I was clearing all the junk out of my email account before logging on this afternoon - all those viagra ads, you know, I'm not that old yet! - when, lo and behold, I receive the following email:
Hey Geofrrey

Go jump in the nearest body of water that is over your head.

You made comments you could not back up..

When called on them you weaseled out

So take your computer and put it where the sun does not shine.

You are a slimeball.

The sender is only noted as "Reactionary", which should be obvious. I do so love anonymous attacks like this, especially those without any references to where I might have made comments I didn't back out of, or where I weaseled out of something.

Now, if this person had left a name, a reference, a link, a quote, something to reference this very odd note, I might consider it somewhat more substantive than it is. As it is, I just publish it now so that we can all see what cowardly little children we have in contemporary conservatives. Anonymous, threatening, no details or information, a demand for death rather than debate.

Since I was a competitive swimmer, I'm really not all that afraid of water over my head, by the way. As far as being a slimeball goes, that may be true, but you can only say that if you really know me.

I think the email I got might have been notes for McCain for Friday night's debate.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the subject line: "Arrogant Leftist". So original. And, I just noticed this person spelled my name wrong, even though it's clearly spelled out all over the place.

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