Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Something To Think About

For some odd reason, many of my interlocutors on the right continue to harp on abortion when the issue is, to be frank, off the table this election. It just has no traction with the American people, who seem content with the current status quo when it comes to the subject. Attempts to use it as a wedge issue just don't seem to work. Yet, time after time, it seems to come up in discussions I have in various forums.

Often cited are questionable studies relating abortion to everything from breast and ovarian cancer to suicide (said studies having been shown to be erroneous on multiple occasions). Finally, there is a legitimate study in a peer-reviewed journal that indicates there is little risk of serious mental health issues related to abortion. A text of the APA press release is here, and it contains a link to the study, which is a .pdf file.

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