Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To Prove A Point

I said the other day that I tend to gravitate to sad, melancholy songs. That is true, but I also love real good love songs. I have had this song going through my head for the past couple days, oddly enough, so I thought I would share it, first, to prove that I'm not exactly a sour puss. Second, this is one of those great songs that disprove the notion that music in the 1970's sucked. In fact, some of the greatest music ever recorded made it out of giant record companies in those days, partly because they were flush with cash and could invest time and money in such a variety and still see a return on investment.

The best love songs weren't the "power ballads" of the 1980's. The best love songs came earlier, and most of them were soul ballads. The stupid, bland "Adult Contemporary" sound is an attempt to make a formula out of what is really a hit-or-miss proposition. They don't make songs like this anymore, and that's OK, because this song is already out there, and it's perfect for dancing slow, or other, more private moments. This is the Manhattan's with "Shining Star":

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