Thursday, July 17, 2008

Since Bush Dirties Everything He Comes Near . . .

There has been quite an uproar in my denomination over the decision to put the Bush Library (what possible books would be included in such an institution?) at Southern Methodist University. At General Conference there was a resolution demanding the South Central Jurisdiction do something about this travesty. Well, the report came back, and it seems the denomination's hands are tied.

Apparently, SMU went and signed all sorts of contracts and legal documents that limit the ability of the denomination to keep this pus-filled boil off one of the flagship institutions of higher learning our denomination has going. While some members of the SCJ committee have said that "it's not over", the best they can hope for is to put up some firewall to protect the "integrity" of SMU from the threat of infiltration by an institution dedicated to furthering the Bush-view of the world.

Since Bush has no respect for the law, I see no reason why the UMC should. Get out from under the weight of this contract, by hook or by crook. Keep that monstrosity away from anything having to do with my beloved denomination.

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