Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama's Failure

As everyone who reads this blog should know by now, Barack Obama not only voted for the phony FISA "compromise" (read capitulation), he issued a public statement that reads like something from the Bush Administration. What makes this far worse than it is already is this all occurred on the same day Scott McLellan appeared before a House Committee, detailing some of the obfuscations and prevarications he was privy to in his years in service to our current Administration. In other words, the House managed to have one hand not know, or listen to, or care, what was being presented to the other hand. And Barack Obama eagerly participated in this blind-leading-the-deaf moment.

Perhaps he figures he really can support this, and remove the offending "immunity" provisions later. Perhaps he wants the power for himself, to turn around and screw Republicans once he's in office. Perhaps he's calculating that liberals and progressives, for whom this has become a signature issue, will not abandon him out of cold political calculation. Whatever the reasons, Obama's support of this horrid bit of illegality-in-the-name-of-security should be brought up at every single event at which he appears.

I hate to say this, but I think he needs to drop the "hope" schtick as well, because my own hopes were dashed by his vocal support of this crap. I may still vote for him in November, but anyone who actually believes he is anything other than a player of the game inside the Beltway is blind.

How can we tell McCain and Obama apart now that, on this most crucial piece of legislative business, they have become Siamese twins of the worst sort?

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