Monday, June 30, 2008

Music Monday

I thought I would do something I believe I have done before. What follows are three different songs from three different genres of music by music groups no one would call "Christian" (except perhaps for the first one presented, early in their career) that nonetheless use Christian and Biblical themes in a song. The first is pretty well known, the second a bit more obscure, the last should surprise anyone with a brain.

First, we have U2. Three of the members of the band converted to a form of evangelical Christianity in their late teens, and their early songs were drenched in Christian imagery. Indeed, this continued long after their first releases; just consider some of the songs on their best recording, The Joshua Tree. From a 1982 Festival, this is "I Will Follow":

In 1973, Genesis mined the Book of Revelation for their biggest and longest ever epic song, "Supper's Ready". I always liked the live version from Second's Out and the following video is from the same, rough, time, 1976, with Phil Collins on lead vocal, rather than Peter Gabriel, and Bill Bruford doing the grunt work on drums. This is only a snippet - about eight or nine minutes - of a song that is 23:00 minutes long.

On their second release, Ride the Lightning, Metallica recorded what is among my favorite of their songs, "Creeping Death", which is nothing more than the Passover story. Here they are from a 1989 concert, at the height of their power.

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