Saturday, June 28, 2008

An Anniversary I Missed

This past Wednesday marked the 25th anniversary of my high school graduation. The photo here is of the 2008 graduation of my alma mater.

Just thought I'd mention it, as well as send out my congratulations and well-wishes to all those who made it through the hallowed halls of my old high school.

One thing I would mention. The principal, Dave Mastrontuono is a graduate of our arch-rival Sayre HS. At the time he was in HS, my mother was an occasional substitute teacher, and she remember him well. I do, also. In Junior High, I spent a summer as a member of a youth recreation swim team. Dave Mastrontuono was an excellent swimmer, and was also a member. Far larger and stronger than I was (I was not yet 13; he was, I believe, either 18 or 19), he took out his dislike for my mother's strictness on me, once pushing me into the pool as I was climbing out. The problem was my knee got caught in the gutter that ran around the edge, twisting my entire leg as the rest of me went in. Nothing broke, but to be honest it was a near thing. I find it amusing that someone quite willing to laugh at a serious potential injury of someone both smaller and weaker than themselves is a HS principal. Life does take some funny turns, doesn't it.

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