Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pulling A Jonah Goldberg - I Would Like Your Help

Next Monday, I would like to do a music feature on break-up songs. I don't mean just your run-of-the-mill "oh, boo-hoo she's/he's gone" kind of thing. I mean real wrist-slashers. The kind of songs you hate to listen to, yet listen over and over again while you sit there and wonder what, exactly, happened. I have mine picked out (well, I'm still debating a couple, really, but I'm leaning towards one in particular).

What I'm asking for are submissions. You can e-mail me via my profile. Send me the title and artist, and perhaps even a brief description of why this song. I'm not asking you to bare your soul; you can say as much or as little as you like, but if you feel moved, it would certainly help with putting up some gems.

Break-up songs are great things, really. They speak to us because they give voice to what we, in our very real grief, cannot articulate. There is, of course, the humor value, especially as we regain our equilibrium, and look back and find ourselves moving forward. I can both get a bit teary eyed, traveling back in time to the emotions that curdled in my truly broken heart when I heard this or that song. I can also laugh at how bathetic it all is, and was. The grief of a broken relationship - especially those that seemed to have so much promise - is very real, like a death. As someone who quite freely admits he wears his heart on his sleeve, I can tell you my heart got pounded to mush on a couple occasions, and the pain was quite real, a physical ache. Yet, no matter how much it feels like everything is meaningless at the moment, that moment passes, and we find ourselves waking up one day and things really are better.

If I don't get any e-mails, and next Monday's music post sucks, remember, it's your fault.

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