Sunday, January 20, 2008

Explain Some More Things To Me

I really would like someone to explain to me - so I can understand it; that is, I want facts referenced, not a bunch of pundit double-talk - how in the world (a) anyone can say Sen. John McCain is a "straight-shooting, straight-talking" moderate. He's a serial liar who is just to the right of Atilla the Hun; (b) anyone can think that a man even older than Ronald Reagan was when he first ran for the Presidency, at which time there were some serious questions about his age, can completely avoid the legitimate question of age, especially as the electorate is getting younger.

Finally, could someone please explain how normal people who should know better find McCain so politically attractive. Is it all that "years in a North Vietnamese POW camp" malarkey? How many hundreds of other POWs are there out there, living quiet, productive lives, not exploiting the experience for personal gain? This is not to take anything away from the tremendous personal resources McCain must have had to make it through that ordeal; it is just to say that I question its relevance.

I still doubt McCain's chances at winning the Republican nomination. It just befuddles me, the whole phenomenon of "John McCain" versus the rather mundane, typical politician that is the actual human being John McCain.

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