Sunday, December 09, 2007

No One Left To Turn To

The most quoted story today, without a doubt, will be this one at The Washington Post. Entitled "Hill Briefed on Waterboarding in 2002", and written by Joby Warrick and Dan Eggen, it details a 2002 briefing the CIA gave for leaders of both parties, which included information on torture. Among the Democratic leaders briefed were then-minority leader, now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and current House Intelligence Chair Jane Harman.

This story only solidifies the disdain I feel for the "leadership" in the House. A year ago, I, along with many others, rejoiced at the prospect of a Congress in which both Houses were controlled by the Democratic Party. I, along with every one else to the left of Joe Lieberman, was excited by the prospect of the first woman elected Speaker of the House, the third highest office in the country. After twelve months of a whole lot of noise and not much else, as well as the determination that any real action to stop the Bush Administration will not pass either House of Congress, I am as disgusted with Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid, and the rest of these enablers as I am with Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the Administration.

We are leaderless. In fact, we are ruderless. At Sadly, No!, Bradrocket writes:
Why do I even bother voting for Democrats again? I mean, WTF. It would be nice, really really nice, to have at least one godsdamn party in this doomed nation that stands fully against torture. Jesus H., you horrible assholes. Don’t you have any damn principles? Don’t you have any ethics? Have you ever, at any point in your miserable lives, taken a principled stand on any issue?

It is concise and to the point. I no longer have a political home. I put no faith in the Democratic Party to make any serious changes in this country. Getting rid of Pelosi and the rest of these jackals will not solve the problem that they have completely destroyed any moral authority the Democratic Party might have had (and that was always thin at best anyway).

This is a depressing day.

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