Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Voted And All I Got Was This Lousy Congress

They can't seem to stop a President who has about a quarter of the country behind him. They can't get serious hearings or ask serious questions of the multiple allegations of illegality and criminal behavior. They can't even hold a hearing on the impeachment of the President for what are clearly high crimes and misdemeanors. Yet, they can get all but nine present members of the House of Representatives to vote for a resolution in support of Christmas.

While Peter King is both stupid and ignorant, I blame Nancy Pelosi and the Democratically controlled rules committee for allowing this to come to a vote. Why can't these people be even slightly as ruthless as the Republicans were? Why can't they block nonsense like this?

Lord help me, but even the Democrats in Congress have been slimed by the Bush Administrations ability to damage and destroy everything they touch.

UPDATE: I should be fair, and not blame Bush for the weakness and callowness of the Democratic "leadership". I think Glenn Greenwald is correct. I think these people are afraid someone might say something bad about them. They are children, essentially, and the right-wing press are the leaders of the biggest clique in town, the clique no one wants to upset.

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