Monday, November 26, 2007

A Music Heavy Day Just Got Heavier

So, I've linked to a local music news and review site recommended by a colleague of mine. Dr. Music is heavy on 70's and 80's hard rock, with a dose of heavy metal thrown in - he has some nice things to say about Slayer and Mercyful Fayte, which I would share if I weren't uncomfortable with the bands', and their fans', blatant Satanism - and even has nice things to say about a band that had slipped my mind completely (not that they were in my mind all that much to begin with) - Angel, who are the subject of the Review of the Week. This review even includes a video clip of the band, replete with open shirts, capes, and Greg Giufria vamping with a keyboard during the opening synth-sound effects of the song.

I am glad that I have linked to the site, and I have read many of the reviews in the archive with a mixture of satisfied agreement (he disses Appetite for Destruction quite well; he admits he just can't be a fan of R.E.M., as I cannot either) and a smiling surprise or two. As someone who looks back not-very-fondly at the music of his youth, and pines for all the really good stuff he missed for one reason or another, I am not very nostalgic for Back in Black or anything by Bad Company. It is nice, however, to find someone who not only is so nostalgic, but puts in the time and effort to put that nostalgia on the internet for all to see.

Check out the Galleries, which are worth it just to see what has happened to one hair band, Y&T, after time and over-indulgence have taken their toll. Oh, and the W.A.S.P. pictures are fun, too.

Drop him a line, and let him know who sent you. If this music isn't your thing, that's OK - he's got music news, trivia, and other bits and pieces that cover the gamut.

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