Thursday, November 29, 2007

Didn't Watch The Debate

Again, no TV means my family had quality time last night, rather than the brawl on CNN last night. What clips I have seen and transcripts I have read, however, make the whole thing appear really bad for the Republicans. So, of course, that's good for the Republicans and bad for the Democrats. Yet, I can't help agreeing with Thers and atrios. At least a national audience got a chance to see how demented "the base" is, and how low the candidates will stoop to pander to the knuckle-dragger vote.

Of course, the Democrats haven't behaved much better, but the Republicans managed to make the Democrats look sane, informed, and reasonable (except for Ron Paul, who, while a kook on some issues, is at least relatively consistent and principled). More Republican debates before the convention, please. I might actually watch one if they're all as fun as this.

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