Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Horrible Fellow Americans

I wish I had more time to delve through the unfettered racist id of my fellow citizens.  The racist freak-flag, once hidden behind layers of froth and coded language, flies free for all to see.  Whether it's a Colorado state representative (a Republican but we knew that without looking) carrying on about how "the black race" is poor because they eat chicken, the states of North Carolina, Texas, and Ohio instituting measures designed to suppress minority voting, or the right-wing press exploiting the senseless murder of a college student in Oklahoma to make some kind of point, we can at least rest easy that the bigots among us no longer feel compelled to hide.

I do so hope Art comes along and either demands I "prove" racism or at least explain what the hell his fellow righties are on about with the murder in Oklahoma.  Because that would be true to form, at least.

I am only slightly mollified by the thought that this kind of thing creates the illusion of huge numbers of people who think this way.  One is too many.

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