Tuesday, July 02, 2013

19 Years

July 1, 1994 dawned much too early.  Especially for a three-hour drive down I-95.  We arrived in the little mill town of Jarratt, VA and were greeted by a huddle of men and women who proceeded to have me back our rented truck to the front door then unloaded our former two-room apartment in to our beautiful new parsonage.  The ladies of the church - with my mother-in-law's help - organized the kitchen while the men put the furniture around.

That was the day I learned about ham biscuits and set-up salad.

It was also the day I learned that "church" was a real thing for these folks.  They made it real for us that day, one never to be forgotten.

Other moving days came and went, including one after a harrowing drive across country.

Through it all, it has been about Lisa's ministry.  Her service to the people of the churches and communities.  Her loving care for everyone who crossed her path.  Her amazing ability to remember a name after just one meeting; she called people by name and I know many never forgot it.

Back in March I contacted as many people as I could after getting in touch with one former church member who is a videographer/video editor.  I asked for photographs and video testimonies and was overwhelmed by the response.  Janice Myers did a fantastic job putting it all together - 19 years of our life; 19 years of Lisa's service to so many people.  I uploaded the video to YouTube and here it is:

Here's to the next 19 years!

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