Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Is "Rape Culture" A Thing?

Scott Limieux says, "Yes".  He provides links for evidence, as well as the helpful "new" definition of the First Amendment that the right uses to call out mean old lefties who call them on their insanity.

I think the use of the word "culture" creates a lot of confusion.  Which is not to deny either the horror of rape or the reality that women speaking their minds receive rape threats on what is becoming a depressingly regular basis.  All the same, as a shorthand for the reality too many women experience, it does work well.

And I should add that if you think that "rape" and "sex" are the same thing, as some of the shriveled dicks Lindy West shares, then I think that is the BEST evidence for the reality of rape culture.  Especially when you think not raping someone implies some kind of insult.

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