Saturday, April 20, 2013

Crime & Punishment

A friend of mine posted the meme below once it was learned the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing were from Chechnya:
Just as we had armchair forensic experts examining photographs online and identifying anyone with brown skin as "the suspect", so now we'll have to put up with closet foreign affairs experts and, now, Constitutional experts who will weigh in with their sober judgments about the ensuing legal proceedings against Tzokhar Tsarnaev.

This post at LGM demonstrates  why it's important to let real lawyers deal with legal matters.  Of course, it also demonstrates why so many people detest lawyers, because there is much hair-splitting and focus on minutiae.  All the same, this is the legal system we have, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Far better, at least in my view, to have this clunky legal machinery do its thing than shout with one voice, GUILTY! and hang him from the nearest tree.

Because we're Americans, we do things differently.  Or at least we should.

And isn't it funny how so many of the same people who froth at the mouth at the mere mention of gun control or abortion suddenly dismiss long sections of the Constitution dealing with the treatment and processing of criminal defendants?  Well, funny as in, "Wow, you're kind of whackadoodle, aren't you?"

And in the midst of it all in Boston, let's look southwestward for a moment and remember the people of West, TX, and those brave young volunteer firefighters who ran in to that burning fertilizer plant moments before the thing exploded.  I don't care what kind of people they were in their private lives; at that moment, in those circumstances, they showed the rest of us what real courage is.  God bless them, and be with their family and friends and everyone down there.  Let's let Boston party this crappy week out of its system and remember another American town that's hurting.

Here's to West, TX:

Jesu redeemer of the world,

mercifully deem worthy and accept

praises and prayers from your supplicants.

Who once was clothed in the flesh
.for those who are lost.

Allow us to become members of

your holy body.

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