Thursday, March 21, 2013


A friend of mine on Facebook posted this photograph. It, along with some of the comments on the original from a page titled "Prepare to Take Back America", sums up everything that's wrong with our politics.

The media don't call him President.  He is the President.  There was that whole election thing.  It was in all the papers.  He won it with relative ease.  He won it with a very comfortable margin, both in the popular vote and the Electoral College.

As for the whole "Enemy Within" . . . Really?  What, precisely, has he done that qualifies for a description as "the enemy"?  Has he attacked our institutions?  Has he allowed foreign nationals to attack Americans and American interests with impunity?  Has he surrendered our sovereignty in any meaningful way?

Of course he hasn't.

It is impossible to deal with people who think this is real.  It is impossible to deal with people who think "the media" call him President, as if somehow this were some grand conspiracy to place an individual in office without the consent of the electorate.

Thankfully, the number of Americans who really think this way is relatively small.  Yet, they have powerful allies.  That's why Congress does nothing.  Opponents of the President refuse to do anything to advance his agenda.  Not because they "disagree" with it in some polite fashion.

Because their constituency calls him "the enemy within".

Everything that is wrong with the United States right now comes down to this.  Our inability even to grasp the simple proposition that our problems, as big as they are, are manageable as long as we are willing to work together, is unintelligible because there are those who refuse, "on principle", to work with the President.

What, exactly, are either the President or Democrats in Congress doing that enrages them?  Is your pet issue gay marriage?  A majority of Americans support its legalization.  Ten states recognize it, with more on the way.  Is it guns?  The harshest thing anyone in a position of authority has offered is removing the so-called gun show loophole, something a vast majority of Americans support.  The assault weapons ban was killed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who is (you knew this was coming) a Democrat.  So this fantasy of gun-grabbing, goose-stepping liberals is thwarted by . . . a Democrat.

If you are really worried about spending, consider how much the President has cut spending in his first four years; that federal spending, as a percentage of GDP is at its lowest in decades; with the sequestration in place, meat as well as fat is being tossed in the garbage disposal.  You'll excuse me if screeching about spending makes me turn away.

Taxes?  Seriously?  Americans are the least taxed industrialized people on the planet.  Our wealthy, for all intents and purposes, are not taxed at all.  Neither are our largest corporations, at least those who haven't scuppered to the Cayman Islands (without incurring any penalties or fees for emigrating to avoid what little tax liability they do face).

All in all, the reality in America should encourage us to work together.  Except, alas, for the person "the media" calls President.  I wonder what's so different about him that has some people all up in arms?  I can't put my finger on it.

Help me out here.

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